If you can use a Web browser, then you can use iPocketBible.com! However, even though iPocketBible.com is easy to use, we know that you may still have a few questions.

The best place to learn more about how to use iPocketBible.com is in the iPocketBible.com help information. While using iPocketBible.com, press the “?” button near the upper right corner to access that information.

We've also included some common questions and answers below.

Ordering Questions:

General Questions:

iPhone Specific Questions:

Note that when the following questions and answers refer to an iPhone, the information is applicable to an iPod Touch as well.

How do I get started?

iPocketBible.com is free to all Laridian customers. If you are already a Laridian customer (i.e. if you have a Laridian account and login credentials — a customer ID and password), then you are already signed up. Just login to iPocketBible.com using your Laridian login credentials. You'll be able to access all of your purchased books and Bibles plus additional free books and Bibles that we make available.

If you're not yet a Laridian customer, then you just need to sign up for the iPocketBible.com service. We'll even include some free books and Bibles so that you can get started right away.

How can you offer all of this for free?

By earning your good will. We hope that if iPocketBible.com meets your needs, then you'll buy additional books to use, recommend Laridian to your friends, and try our other products.

I already own some Laridian books; do I need to buy second copies to use with iPocketBible.com?

No. Any compatible books that you already own are available for use with iPocketBible.com. You do not need to purchase second copies.

How do I order additional books to use with iPocketBible.com?

Most Laridian books ordered from the Laridian Web site will work with iPocketBible.com. So, simply visit the Laridian Web site, peruse the available books, and make your purchase!

Can I use books purchased for iPocketBible.com with other PocketBible products?

In general, yes. Books purchased from Laridian can be used with any compatible platform. However, some books are not available for all platforms. For instance, a book that is purchased for use with PocketBible for Windows Mobile may not be available for the Noah Bible Reader for Blackberry. Check the Laridian Web site to determine compatability and availability for specific platforms.

How do I get technical support?

You've found it. Since iPocketBible.com is a free service, we are limited in the free technical support that we can provide. (If you contact us via our Laridian Web site, we'll probably try to help. However, we appreciate you trying to find your answer here and understanding that we must limit the support that we provide for a free service.)

What do I need to download to my computer or mobile device?

Nothing! iPocketBible.com is a Web-based service. There's nothing to download to your computer or mobile device. However, you must have an active Internet connection in order to use iPocketBible.com.

I can't get logged into my account at iPocketBible.com.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to get logged into your iPocketBible.com account using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Here's a list of items you can check:

  1. You may be entering an incorrect customer ID or password. If you're not sure that you're using the currect login credentials, click here to have your account details sent to your email account. You should receive the details via email almost immediately.
  2. Your password may have an invalid character that iPocketBible.com doesn't recognize. The login password can only have letters and numbers. Other characters may work on the Login/Download page but not at iPocketBible.com. If you think you may have characters other than numbers and letters in your password, change your password to use only numbers and letters. Go to go to www.laridian.com, navigate to the Login/Download page to login, select Modify and change your password to only use letters and numbers. Save the change and then try your login at iPocketBible.com with the new password.
  3. You may need to update your iPhone to a newer version of the operating system. System updates are available through iTunes.
  4. It may be a problem with cookie files or cache. Try clearing your cookies and cache. If you're using an iPhone, go to Settings -> Safari for this procedure.
  5. You may have JavaScript turned off in your Safari (or other browser) settings. Turn on JavaScript and try again. If you're using an iPhone, go to Settings -> Safari for this option.
  6. The system may need to be refreshed. Reboot your iPhone and then try again.

Does iPocketBible include help? If so, how do I find it?

Yes, iPocketBible includes detailed help information. Tap the ? icon in the upper right corner of the screen to access the help information.

I receive an error when tapping on a link to a Bible verse.

If you tap or click a Bible link in a devotional or other book and receive the error message, “You don't own a Bible suitable for handling this link or there has been an error decoding the link”, then iPocketBible is unable to show you the intended verse. You may resolve this by refreshing your default Bible. To do this:

  1. Select Options from the tool bar.
  2. Change the preferred Bible to anything other than what is currently listed.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Update User Options
  4. Change the preferred Bible back to what you prefer to use for the default Bible translation.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and select Update User Options
  6. Select Close User Options at the bottom

A book that I just purchased doesn't appear on the book list in iPocketBible.

From the Open Book window, scroll down and tap the Refresh Book List button to update the book list to match our records.

Why do Greek and Hebrew letters appear as boxes in iPocketBible?

A box appears whenever the font does not include the desired letter. Some fonts on your iPhone, mobile device, or computer may not include all of the Greek and Hebrew letters. When this happens, the Greek or Hebrew letter appears as a box. Since some fonts are more complete than others, you may resolve this simply by changing fonts.

I can't open any books and the buttons don't work.

You may have JavaScript turned off in your Safari (or other browser) settings. Turn on JavaScript and try again.

How can I access iPocketBible.com with my Mac or Windows PC?

You can use iPocketBible.com with nearly any modern browser. (If you have an older browser, then you may need to update to a newer version. For instance, if you use Safari, you'll need to use Safari version 3.0 or newer.)

When you've configured iPocketBible.com to use two-finger scrolling, the toolbar is always displayed at the bottom of the screen. Since iPocketBible.com is primarily designed for mobile devices with small screens, this is not a preferred way to use iPocketBible.com when you have a larger screen.

Instead, you may want to configure iPocketBible.com to use one-finger scrolling. This mode will fill more of your browser with text. Simply click near the right edge of the browser to access the toolbar via a popup.

Can I use iPocketBible.com on my Internet-enabled phone?


iPocketBible.com was designed for the original iPhone. However, it might work just fine on your Internet-enabled phone. It's free, so feel free to give it a try!

How can my spouse access his/her books? We are both listed under one account.

For this situation, you will each need your own account and your own subscription. Contact technical support for assistance in getting this setup properly. Provide the following details:

  1. A note that you'd like to split your account
  2. Your Customer ID or the email address of the current account
  3. Name and email address of both individuals
  4. What products belong to each individual

You'll be notified by return email when the account has been split. (This usually is accomplished within 24 hours, M-F. Occasionally, additional time is required.)

How do I set my own start date for a devotional or reading plan (rather than January 1)?

iPocketBible.com does not provide this feature.

However, if you are looking for an easy way to go to “today's reading” in a devotional, then you can accomplish this another way. Go to the first reading, which is the reading for January 1. When you're done reading that article or the verses it references, go to the next page. Now you can go back to the Bible or doing whatever else you want to do with iPocketBible. The next day, open the same devotional book. When opening the book, select the NAME of the book, not the PLUS button to its left. This will cause the book to be opened to the last page you were looking at, which is the next page you want to read. When you're done with that reading, go to the next page and repeat the process.

The trick is to always leave the book on the page you want to read next. Don't use the calendar navigation unless you started on January 1 and want to go to a specific day's reading.

What's the history of iPocketBible.com?

We originally developed iPocketBible.com in order to provide original iPhone and iPod Touch users with robust and powerful Bible features via the iPhone's Internet capability. (This was back before Apple allowed native programs to be installed on the phone. At the time that we developed iPocketBible.com, Internet-content was the only way to provide additional capabilities on the iPhone.)

Now that we have a native version of PocketBible available for the iPhone (and iPod Touch), iPocketBible.com doesn't have as much value for iPhone users. If you have an iPhone, you probably want to be using the native version of PocketBible. You can find it the App Store in iTunes.

Rather than discontinue iPocketBible.com, however, we opted to make it a free service. We still think the ability to access your Laridian content from any Web browser — and perhaps even on a Web-enabled phone — is a valable service to some of our customers. We don't talk about it as much and we don't provide technical support for it, but it's still here!

How do I add iPocketBible to my “Home” screen?

  1. Update your iPhone/iPod Touch to version 1.1.3 or later.
  2. Launch iPocketBible from within Safari. If you are already there, we suggest that you “reload” the page in order to ensure that the latest version of iPocketBible is loaded. One thing to remember: you are essentially creating a bookmark that gets placed on the home page of your iPhone. Whatever page within iPocketBible is visible when you start this process will be the page associated with this bookmark. You may want to consider going to the Front Matter or Table of Contents of your favorite book before starting this process.
  3. Tap the + located on Safari’s bottom navigation bar.
  4. A menu will appear. Select Add to Home Screen.
  5. A new screen will appear that will show our icon as well as a text field for selecting the text associated with this icon. The text field has limited space, so we suggest putting iPocketBible within the field.
  6. Press return.

You should now see your home screen, complete with your new iPocketBible icon.

How do I scroll the text?

There are two scrolling methods that can be used “two-finger scrolling” and “one-finger scrolling”.

iPocketBible defaults to two-finger scrolling. If you see the toolbar at the bottom of the page, then iPocketBible is using two-finger scrolling. Scroll up and down by grabbing and moving the page with two-fingers.

If you do not see a toolbar on screen, then you are probably using the one-finger scroll methods. Scroll up and down by grabbing and moving the page with one finger.

To change scrolling modes, select the option from the toolbar. You will also find it under Options.

How do I see more than just one or two hits of the search results?

You probably just need to scroll down to see more. Remember that in some modes you scroll using two-fingers.

How do I see more than just 5 or 6 books in each category?

You probably just need to scroll down to see more. Remember that in some modes you scroll using two-fingers.

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