iPocketBible.com is No Longer Necessary

We wrote this Web-based version of our PocketBible app when the iPhone was first released in 2007. Back then, there were no iPhone apps and no App Store. The only way to get the Bible on your shiny new iPhone was this website.

As soon as Apple made it possible to create apps for the iPhone, we released a version of PocketBible for it, and we kind of forgot about this website. As time went on and changes were made to how our website handles logins, it became impossible to log into this site. We never really noticed.

From time to time, people find the site and try to use it. So today we're disabling it.

Get the PocketBible App for iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows

Hop over to laridian.com and download a free copy of the PocketBible app. You'll also find hundreds of Bibles and reference books. About 40 are free when you register the app.

Sorry to disapoint you. We hope that replacing this rather lame Web app with a full-function native app for iOS will make you feel better.

We'll leave this picture here so we can all remember what iPocketBible.com looked like all those years ago.

The Bible and more for your iPhone

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